All My Fascist Friends Are Here on Monday Night!

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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BOB BURNHAM, host: Welcome to this week’s Moron Quotient, a lively discussion of the week’s news and events with our resident Panel of Morons.

During an appearance on Monday’s Fox & Friends, country music superstar Hank Williams Jr.—the voice of ESPN’s Monday Night Football—compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. But did he go too far? In a time when political rhetoric seems to have no boundaries, what responsibilities do we have as individuals to watch what we say? And what responsibilities, if any, do media outlets have?

This week, on the Moron Quotient, we will discuss this issue with two of our regular panelists, Ben Over of WCRP Radio and Amber Leggs. Ben and Amber, glad to have you.



BOB: We are also joined by Dr. Nigel Bidwiddle, Professor Emeritus and the Distinguished Chair of Metaphysical Linguistics at The University of Ballyhoo. Professor Bidwiddle, welcome to the Moron Quotient.

PROF. BIDWIDDLE: Thank you, Bob, it’s a pleasure to be here.

BOB: So, Ben, did Hank Williams Jr. go to far?

OVER: Let me begin by condemning the hypocrisy of the radical liberal left. They denigrate Republicans as racists and conservative activists as “tea-baggers” with impunity, without fear of losing their jobs. But whenever a conservative like myself, Hank Williams Jr., or any other America-loving patriot criticizes this President or his mistaken and disastrous policies, we are publicly drawn and quartered in the liberal media. It’s unfair, and frankly un-American!

BOB: Well, to be fair, comparing the President of the United States to one of most evil men in history is a bit much, don’t you think? I mean, seriously, nothing, absolutely nothing, that President Obama or his administration has done bears any possible comparison with the atrocities of the Nazi’s, not by any stretch of the imagination.

OVER: Look, Hank Williams Jr. has strong opinions—and last time I checked, in America, we have the right to express our opinions—and he may have been misunderstood.

BOB: Professor Bidwiddle, I’d like to get your opinion on this.

PROF. NIGEL BIDWIDDLE: Yes, thank you. One of the things I have noticed in the political rhetoric that pollutes the airwaves–

OVER: See what I mean? Already, he is attacking conservative pundits like myself as “polluting” the minds of our listeners! It’s this kind of intellectual fascism that I’m talking about! And frankly, it’s disgusting!

BOB: Please, Ben, I don’t think the Professor was speaking about anyone in particular. Professor Bidwiddle?

BIDWIDDLE: No, of course not. What I have observed, with increasing frequency, the phenomenon of the use of the informal “Hitler” fallacy, in arguments. This is a particular case of an argumentum ad hominem, in which you connect your opponent to Hitler or the Nazis without any historical accuracy. By tying President Obama to Hitler, Hank Williams Jr. tried to negate and invalidate—indeed, even criminalize and vilify—the President, his policies, his initiatives, even his very humanity.

OVER: Again as usual, the Professor is trying to sell the same snake oil that has been spilled all over the liberal media. Hank Williams never said that Obama is Hitler! He made simple analogy, that Obama playing golf with Speaker Boehner was like Hitler playing golf with [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu.

LEGGS: Uh, yeah, I don’t really get that analogy, actually. Is he saying that John Boehner is Jewish?

OVER: No! What he was trying to say how ludicrous it was for Obama and Speaker Boehner—two people who will never see eye to eye—to be paired together on the golf course!

LEGGS: Because I don’t think his country club allows Jews to play there.

BOB: A point of clarification, I believe John Boehner is a member of Burning Tree Golf & Country Club, which does not allow women to be members.

OVER: Look, let’s stick to the topic, and look at the whole interview to see what Hank Williams Jr. was trying to say. He was making the point that the administration is incompetent–

BIDWIDDLE: Here is the weakness inherent in the so-called “Hitler Fallacy.” Because the words lack any kind of metaphysical construct, they person using the fallacy has to shift from premise to premise. As a result, the argument has no logical foundation: first Obama is Hitler, then he is incompetent, and so on. It is the logical equivalent of building a deck of cards on sand. The argument is structurally unsound.

OVER: If you look at the rest of the interview, Hank Williams Jr. made the point that Obama and Biden are like the Three Stooges

LEGGS: But that’s only two…

BOB: I’m sorry, but that is all the time we have for today’s discussion. I’d like to thank Ben Over and Amber Leggs, and especially Professor Bidwiddle, for participating.

LEGGS: Thanks!

BIDWIDDLE: Thank you, Bob. It has been my pleasure.

OVER: I hate you all.

BOB: I hope you enjoyed the new format of the Moron Quotient. Next week, we will be joined by other panelists to discuss those issues that prevent a more just and fraternal society. May you be blessed with peace and goodness!

Are you ready for some Nazi’s?
Another Night of Long Knives?
Hitler’s here, and he’s looking for a fight!
It’s Hank Jr. here, so have no fear
Cuz all my fascist friends are here on Monday Night!


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