Hollywood’s Communists

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Gibberish
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Disney’s movie, The Muppets, has raised concerns among some conservatives as having a  communist message. Conservatives have long claimed that the entertainment world has a liberal bias. Criticism of The Muppets probably reflects the suspicion conservatives have of Hollywood’s perceived liberal bias than any hidden message in the movie (communist or otherwise).   


BOB BURNHAM, host: This is the Moron Quotient, and I am your host, Bob Burnham.

Disney’s new movie, The Muppets, has resurrected one of the most recognized brands in Hollywood. But the movie’s success has also brought with it some unexpected criticism. Eric Bolling, host of the Fox’s Follow the Money accused Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and all the other lovable Muppets, of spreading Communist propaganda.

Hollywood has long been the target of conservative ire–Joe McCarthy focused much of his activities on Hollywood’s “un-American” activities. But is Hollywood a bastion of liberalism intent on brainwashing America’s youth, as its critics claim? Or is “Hollywood’s radical agenda” just a big lie pushed by conservative ideologues?

Joining me today to discuss this issue are two of our regular panelists, Katie Quip and Professor Stewie Gumbie. Katie, Professor, nice to see you again.

KATIE QUIP, comedian: Hi Bob. I just have to throw this out to Fozzie Bear, “Wocka Wocka Wocka.”

PROFESSOR STUART “STEWIE” GUMBIE, BS, MS, PhD, FOS, NCCM: Hello Bob. I’m glad to be here.

BOB: I also want to introduce our special guest, President of Puppets for American Values and Exceptionalism,  his Royal Highness, Ruler of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, King Friday XIII.

KING FRIDAY XIII, ruler of Make-Believe: Mr. Burnham, you may address me as “Your Royal Highness.”

BOB: OK…Your Royal Highness, your organization claims that Hollywood is, and I quote, “a monstrous cancer that is eating America’s soul.” Can you explain?

KING FRIDAY: Hollywood is a media monopoly run by liberals, for liberals, to promote filthy liberal ideology that eats at our moral fiber, the essence of this great Republic. The Constitution guarantees a free press. But with Hollywood under a liberal monopoly, our children are exposed only to the ideals of the radical left. There is no freedom, only tyranny under the slavish yoke of leftist propaganda.

QUIP: Am I the only person here that finds it ironic that we have an unelected monarch espousing the virtues of freedom and denouncing tyranny?

PROF. GUMBIE: If I may interject with a different perspective. As I explain in my book, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Branding Your Opponent, marketing is a push-pull effort. You have what I call a “pull” campaign: You need to define your brand to attract consumers to your product. But there is also a “push” campaign: defining the opponent’s brand in such away that makes it less attractive. This effort works synergistically with your “pull” campaign.

BOB: So, Professor, are you suggesting that conservative criticism of Hollywood is just some kind of marketing strategy, that it is without substance?

PROF. GUMBIE: You see, Bob, you just made a very common mistake, which is assuming that there should be substance in a marketing campaign, which is simply about altering perception. Substance is irrelevant.

KING FRIDAY: Balderdash! By producing unwholesome movies and programs, the liberals in Hollywood are trying to brainwash our kids under the guise of “entertainment” or “education.” The audacity! What impudence! It is treasonous to the laws of decency and dignity! Why do our children have to be exposed to this?

BOB: But isn’t Hollywood rather a broad target?

KING FRIDAY: It is a broad target because of the insidious and diabolic nature of the evil we are confronting.

BOB:  Are there any good movies that come out of Hollywood?

KING FRIDAY: Miracle on 34th Street, National Velvet, The Princess Bride, and any movie by Chuck Norris. These are all good wholesome, family friendly entertainment, unlike the filth produced by Disney.

QUIP: Seriously? You have a problem with Bambi?

KING FRIDAY: Absolutely! Bambi is nothing more than leftist PETA propaganda that promotes an eco-radical agenda.

QUIP: What about Snow White?

KING FRIDAY: Snow White extols the the supposed “virtues” of a worker’s cooperative against the “evils” of capitalism, as represented by the evil witch and her “poison” apple!

QUIP: What about It’s a Wonderful Life?

KING FRIDAY: George Bailey, a bourgeois intellectual, mobilizes the people against financial capital. That, my child, is a Marxist-Leninist message.

QUIP: Ok, you have to approve of the Ten Commandments. Charlton Heston is like Jesus to you guys.

KING FRIDAY: That movie promotes class warfare. Moses leads an army of workers against the upper class of society.

QUIP: Your Royal Highness, your royal head is full of royal crap.

BOB: From this discussion, it appears that we impose our own messages on whatever we see. If anyone sees a communist message in The Muppets, it’s because they want to see one.

PROF. GUMBIE: Precisely. Those who express outrage against a perceived communist message are simply executing the “push” aspect of a marketing strategy.

QUIP: They also probably sleep with the light on, to keep the monsters from coming out from under the bed!

BOB: Perhaps we should just relax, and enjoy movies like The Muppets for what they are and not try to make everything so political.

KING FRIDAY: Enjoyment? I have no time for enjoyment. I have a Kingdom to run!

QUIP: A make-believe kingdom. Hey King, don’t look now, but there is a communist behind you!

KING FRIDAY: We do not appreciate your vulgar humor, child.

QUIP: If you think that’s vulgar, then what’s that up your–

BOB: And that is all the time we have for today’s show. I’d like to thank our two panelists, Professor Gumbie and Katie Quip.

PROF. GUMBIE: Thank you Bob, it has been my pleasure.

QUIP: Yes, Bob, it’s been fun.

BOB: And a special thanks to our guest, King Friday XIII. Your Royal Highness, thank you for joining us on the Moron Quotient.

KING FRIDAY: I have graced your presence, I am sure.

BOB: Until the Moron Quotient, may you be blessed with peace and all good as we all work to build a world that is based on peace and justice for all!

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