Secularism continues to drown the faithful in the deceitful waters of tolerance, restraint, and human rights. Soon, the United States, founded as one nation, under God, will be submerged under the sea of living wages, peace and nonviolence, and universal kinship. Such is our fate as the rising tide of secularism approaches the levies of established religion. And as those levies break, our freedom to exploit the vulnerable in the name of commerce, our liberty to burn and destroy the planet which we call our home, and our right to murder the innocent in the name of self-defense, will be inundated by the cold, lifeless waters of the so-called common good.

The flood waters of secularism now swamps the sacred field of college football, as evidenced by Notre Dame’s loss to the University of Alabama on January 7th. God-fearing people with faithfully-formed consciences of must surely recognize the deep theological symbolism of the BCS championship game, and they surely understand its implications.

First, clearly, the color red is associated with communism, and atheism is necessary and sufficient for communism. Crimson is a shade of red. The symbol most associated with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the shamrock, which is the color green. Consider the implication: red defeats green–atheistic communism defeats life.

Second, sacred Scripture tells us the Moses parted the Red Sea to lead the ancient Israelites from slavery into freedom. But Brian Kelly, the head football coach of Notre Dame, failed to part the defensive line of the Crimson Tide, and the next day he interviewed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Can the message be any clearer? People will choose the security of slavery to the freedom of faith.

Finally, consider the mascots.  The mascot for the University of Alabama is an elephant, and the mascot for the University of Notre Dame is a Leprechaun. If you compare each mascot to religious icons, the implication is clear: moral relativism triumphs over eternal truths.

MS01AL-2TPune - Ganeesha 2-12

Notre Dame v Washington St.saint_patrick-xudy0c

The gridiron must remain a sacred place, where men pound their brains into goo for public spectacle. The Secularists have taken over our courts; they have have taken over our schools; they have even taken over proper etiquette (saying “God bless you” after someone sneezes will land you in a re-education camp.) We will not let them take over college football. We will stop them at all costs!


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