About Robert C. Burnham

A friend of mine once said this about me: “You know, Bob, when faced with a reality you don’t like, you tend to replace it with one of your own.”

I took that as a compliment.

My whole life, I have been blessed–or cursed–with an overactive imagination. Kids with overactive imaginations are praised as being creative and inventive. But adults like me are criticized as being immature (unless they can make money off of their imaginations–funny how money has a way of changing attitudes, isn’t it?).

Only recently have I discovered an outlet for my imagination–blogging. This is my third version of The Moron Quotient. The first version was a “Supreme Court” of sorts that would decide whether or not a defendant was guilty of being a moron. I had some moral qualms about that (of the “pot calling the kettle black” variety).

The second incarnation of The Moron Quotient was a spoof of a news talk show. It included a panel that discussed an issue from the previous week. The characters became a little bit too real, and the readers (all five of them) got too close to the inner-workings of my mind, and they have never been the same since.

So, now I have launched The Moron Quotient v. 3.0, a place where I can channel my energy into producing flash fiction (i.e., short stories of under 1,000 words) and some really bad poetry.

Everybody needs to have a hobby. I like to come up with stories and share them. Hopefully, you will like reading them.



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